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Friday, July 07, 2006

Car builders make dreams come true

ENFIELD - Dale MacKay and Janet Rose are in the dream business. They don't read tarot cards and they don't psychoanalyze anyone. They design and create custom hot rods and choppers.
"We build people's dreams. We're building them the cars they've admired as they grew up but couldn't afford," says MacKay, who left his job as an insurance adjuster after 25 years to start Remuda Coaches Inc. with Rose, his wife, a business consultant.
Today, 40 steps from the back door of their house in Enfield is their business. Here, they created a '32 Ford High Boy from scratch, finished restoration of a Ford Fairlane 500 and fabricated parts for a '71 Charger. The company, established in 2001, also offers and installs complete kit assemblies as well as drivetrain and suspension layouts. It also builds movie cars and provides all sorts of cars and specialty vehicles to the film industry, in addition to stunt services and vehicle wrangling. As well, Remuda imports and exports hard-to-find car parts for hot rod enthusiasts.
Then there is the motorcycle work, which is done under the auspices of Mack the Hammer, MacKay and Rose's second company. In addition to restoration, the company provides ready-to-assemble kits for the Fat Bastard and Black Cloud bikes.
But the heart and soul of Remuda, a Spanish word meaning "fresh horses," is custom cars. "Our goal is to make a car unique and to paint the picture the customer has in their mind," says MacKay.
"It's not easy to do," he adds. First, there is the research required to ensure the car is authentic. Then parts must be sourced, a job that in today's global marketplace knows no boundaries. Finally, there is building the project.
Don't expect a fast turnaround, says MacKay. Creating a scratch car will take at least six months "to do it right."
Most customers aren't in a hurry. After all, they've waited most of their lives for this dream to come true.
MacKay and Rose recently saw one of their own dreams come true. The couple, who had been wanting to build a custom car to market their business, recently completed the Jackie-O, a '59 Buick born from three other '59 Buicks, a C4 Corvette suspension and an LS1 engine. The couple describes the car as long, lean and understated. Like its namesake, they say, the car is very powerful and very elegant.
Ironically for the car buffs - who met at a local Mercedes repair shop and married in Las Vegas in a rented yellow Benz convertible - there is no favourite hot rod or classic car. There is, however, a lifetime of car-related memories. In her native Corner Brook, Nfld., Rose had already installed her first set of brakes by age 15. At the same time, in Amherst, MacKay was running his first service station. From fuelling and repairing cars, MacKay went on to race them. "I've always loved cars and racing," he says. "I'm in my glory now.
MacKay, who handles the design and restoration aspects of Remuda, notes that the industry has changed significantly in the last decade. In large part, this is due to greater interest in classic cars and custom builds. The Internet also plays a big role in the transformation.
The days of digging through junkyards and hoping to stumble across a much-needed component are, for the most part, a thing of the past. "There's a lot of product out there," says MacKay. "The Internet saves you time."
Sometimes, making dreams come true can be painful. "This business is kind of a heartbreak," MacKay says. "You hate to see a car go. An awful lot of us goes into these cars. Our customers end up being our friends. You build up a relationship with these people - and the cars."
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