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The Complete Guide to Reading Tarot Cards

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Cards of Destiny: Gambling, Luck and Magic

Heritage Malta will be exploring tarot cards and their mystical explanations of life and destiny in an exhibition at the Inquisitor's Palace in Vittoriosa. The exhibition will open on June 17 and the agency is expecting its magical and religiously-tabooed theme to attract a large number of visitors.
Titled 'The Cards of Destiny: Gambling, Luck and Magic', the display will be divided into six sections, namely Playing Cards, Tarots, The Allegories of the Tarots, The Game of Tarots, the Book of Thot and Cartomacy. Besides exhibiting a wide variety of playing cards, incisions of famous artists, rare books on the subject and other material related to card games, Heritage Malta has also put together illustrations on the history of this mysterious and intriguing ritual.
The exhibition is being organised in collaboration with the Italian Associazione Culturale 'Le Tarot' under the patronage of the Ministry for Tourism and Culture of Malta and the Ministry of Culture and the Environment of Italy, with the cooperation of the Biblioteca Classense of Ravenna. All displayed material forms part of an immense collection that the Associazione Culturale 'Le Tarot' collected throughout the last 25 years.


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