The Complete Guide to Reading Tarot Cards
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The Complete Guide to Reading Tarot Cards

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A psychic and tarot reader on how we can use everyday objects--and our imagination--to illuminate our lives" name=subtitle

We're all born psychic, with a keen sensing system. Watch a one-year-old seeing something new and it's like she's seeing with every fiber of her being; it's more like beholding. As we get older, though, we're taught to ignore and even reject this ability, often becoming like the kids in the e.e. cummings poem: 'down they forgot as up they grew.' Fear and doubt creep in, erasing our knowing of our knowing.
But psychic-ness is an intrinsic part of us'almost every indigenous culture has a tradition of psychic perception, from Greek fingernail divination to the Labradorean Naskapi puddle scrying, from the African Azande termite divination to Navajo star reading. They teach us that we don't need tea leaves or crystal balls to divine soul-revealing metaphors: Humans have used everything from llama dung to rocks to bird sounds to crackling fire to see beyond their everyday minds. The world around us is a vehicle for divination, with billions of 'texts' on new ways of reading the world.
Let me be clear, though: Psychic abilities don't allow you to know the future. If they could, I would have been a lottery winner many times over. But they can offer insight, clarity, and fun. Especially because when we exercise our intuition, we engage the imagination in such a full and wonderful way. When playing with the divining activities below, don't worry whether you made something up or if it's "true."
First, it's a good idea to relax before any kind of intuiting. Before I do readings for other people or myself, I like to close my eyes to tune out distractions. Then I take a few deep breaths'slowly in through the nose and out the mouth. It's all about altering our routine to see the world in a non-routine way. Now we can help our senses get a little more acute while activating that all-important imagination. Close your eyes and breathe. Then imagine that you're you, but an ear. An organ with curves and crevices designed specifically to hear. Take in all the sounds around you'the hum of the fridge, the sound of birds, a TV in another room, whatever. After a few moments, come back into you, leaving the ear-body behind.


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