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The Complete Guide to Reading Tarot Cards

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Psychic's Predictions for NA Cup

Many-a-bettor have sought an expert's opinion on choosing a winner. Others have superstitions, traditions, systems and religion. Realizing these all have their flaws, we've gone to another source, the horse.
Lauren Bode is an interspecies telepathic communicator, or 'animal psychic' from Barrie, Ont. For the past couple of years, The Tarot Insider has sought her higher power-picks for the Pepsi North America Cup, and, fearing a vicious reprisal from all things equine, this year is no exception.
Bode's triactor for Saturday's N.A. Cup is Jeremes Jet, Feeling Friskie, and Doonbeg.
"I got a feeling from Jeremes Jet that he's going to be doing very well," she said. "He's been working hard and it's going to pay off."
Feelin Friskie, leaving from the two-hole, is red-hot, having won his last three races with the only sub-1:50 mile of the three N.A. Cup elims.
"He likes to do everything first. He likes to be near the front. I don't see him winning though," she said.
Bode said that Doonbeg and Impeccable will be neck and neck, but in the end Doonbeg will be the one to show.
Feeling the pressure to make a pick, the Tarot Insider went to the dartboard of last resort. When the wounds were cleaned, the dart stuck to number 6, Bono Bests. We'll see tomorrow night if he can stick it to the field.
Now you've heard it from the horse's mouth.
Want to learn more about Lauren Bode? Check out her site Animal Talk. Lauren has also authored a book since last year's N.A. Cup, Animal Talk 101.


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