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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I thought the opening with the tarot reader was a bunch of horse manure, but then we get an awesome opening contest which evens things out. The chair and table spots were excellent, but what was more impressive was that the match was interesting before the weapons became involved, plus it was nice to see Mamaluke get some offense in, because it was clear Sabu would go over but it was nice to not have to watch a total squash for a change. I also liked the fact they didn't let Cena interfere in this match, as it would have been too predictable, so it was nice to see a clean finish on a TV show.
The RVD promo was decent enough in doing its job of hyping the main event. He seems more comfortable speaking when he is in ECW, but this was still nothing spectacular, and he just doesn't give off the impression he is the number one guy in the company right now, holding the top belt, but it seems likely he won't after Sunday is finished.
I didn't find the Big Show v Dreamer encounter particularly fascinating, but it was a good way of putting Big Show over as a threat, as well as making Dreamer look tough by sitting there grinning at the end. This feud will likely continue for a couple of weeks, and Show will inevitably go over, but I was just pleased to see that nobody from WWE came to attack Big Show, just for the fact I feared he may have ended up on the Vengeance card, although he will probably be a lumberjack.
The Macho Libre promo at the start was reasonably funny, but just having Sandman come out and smash and stupidly gimmicked wrestler every week is nothing special, and is too predictable. This match didn't really make Sandman look any greater, and it is clear Macho Libre isn't permanent, so really this was a waste of five minutes. Hey, at least Sandman wasn't ignored by the crowd, even though he seemed to have his entrance cut short probably because Heyman feared the fans wouldn't be into it at the SD tapings. These segments where the WWE are taking shots at Sci-Fi, and Heyman uses it to take a shot at the WWE and sports-entertainment need to stop, and it would be far more interesting to see ECW focus on what makes their product great, rather than having the commentators harp on non-stop about what is wrong with sports-entertainment.
I hate the fact that when Cena appeared, people I know started immediately bashing him. He is the most marketable star in the company and more than capable of cutting a good promo, so there was no harm in him turning up to issue his new challenge to ECW. Given the fact that ECW took away Cena's title, you have to expect Cena to feud with them for a bit to make kayfabe sense, and I thought he played his part well here, plus he was only on screen for two minutes, so its not like it disrupted the whole show. Although iMPACT do use their hour very well, its not like we having seen time wasted on there before, such as the Steiner threatening Don West incident a few weeks back, which was just as long as the Cena promo, but just came across as stupid.
The Kelly strip was a complete waste of time again, and it makes the ECW product come across as hypocritical, given that the commentators always bang on about their distaste for non-wrestling related angles in the WWE, and how they hate King leering over women and saying 'puppies', when these kind of segments equal the same kind of thing. It was also annoying that Kelly took as long to strip as it took Mickie to strip four women on Monday. The only good bit was the ending (I know what kind of a man am I!), because we got to see someone new introduced, and we need to see some fresh blood (and I don't mean WWE draftees) on the roster.
Nice to see that Test is returning, and I assume it is to ECW, although it is hard to tell with all the DX promos that were also on the show. He was one of my favorite wrestlers when he got a good push back in 2001, and so I am glad he will get a decent run again. It looks like he will be playing a heel role, as the focal point of the video was him giving Stacy the Pumphandle, and I would guess that he would be a nice fit to feud with Sandman, or to get involved in the Dreamer/Big Show feud.
Edge's promo showed clearly the main problem with the current ECW product, the fact it is filmed and watched live by Smackdown fans. I mean how does it make sense that Edge comes onto the ECW product, talks down the company, and gets cheered by the crowd. They need to grant ECW their own tapings in different buildings to have the fans fully into the product, which makes a huge difference to me. However, the production crew did a good job of making it look like an ECW environment, with the dark lining, not focusing at all on the crowd (which may have been a reason Sandman's entrance was shorter), and although I know little about camera worked, it seemed different in that it made it look more like a hardcore and crowded environment. My only gripe was that at one point I seem to remember the camera moving away and a major move being missed in one of the earlier matches.
The main event was awesome, and it was a major plus about the ECW product, as it showed real focus on the wrestling side of things, and not just hardcore wrestling, this was some proper wrestling, with some cool counters and some nice spots. This main event was longer than any match that's been on Raw for months. Hell, there was probably more wrestling in this match than in the whole of Monday's two hour Raw combined. It was also notable that although TNA use their time well, this main event was longer than the average iMPACT main event, but it was good that the action didn't die down towards the end, it was a red hot match throughout, and these two matches at Vengeance will be among the best on the show in my opinion. The main plus for me was that RVD went over Edge, which seems to certify the fact that Edge will now win back the WWE title at Vengeance, with RVD keeping the ECW title. Edge will look weak if he loses on PPV having been beaten down by RVD on Raw, and then pinned on Sci-Fi, and WWE can't afford to have their number one heel on Raw (sorry, number six, behind the Spirit Squad!) look weak. I know the DX reunion creates huge nostalgia, but Triple H has maintained in the past that the title match should always go last (and this should ring even more true if the title will change), and so Edge v RVD match should go after DX v Spirit Squad, and if this doesn't happen, Triple H will look like a huge hypocrite.
Anyway, although this was by no means a perfect show, it was so much better than the premiere, which makes you wonder where the premiere went wrong. I hope they give the main event ten to fifteen minutes every week, which is easily achievable by cutting out the ten minutes spend on Kelly stripping and Sandman squashing someone silly - 8/10
Mike, London
I thought, but they still have a lot of shaping up to do.
The Sabu bout was pretty cool. I thought it was nice that instead of opening with whatever they opened with last week--which was most likely crap--, they chose instead to open with a solid bout. (Vince must be pretty high on Sabu to allow him to do the stuff he's been doing the last week or so).
The Sandman segment, although I'm praying to God this isn't ALL they do with the dude, was pretty funny, although I hope they'll let him actually wrestle more. I hated the Zombie BS last week, and I don't think it's necessary, but I understand when they have Sandman cane some gimmicky jabronie, they're saying, "This is what ECW thinks of your sappy sports-entertainment."
I really hope Tommy Dreamer gets his revenge on Big Show next week. Then kick Big Show to Smackdown where he belongs (he's supposedly happier now but I truly believe if you're gonna mess up a brand you're trying to push as new and unique with the Big Show, you might as well get rid of the guy).
And the main event was pretty good, too, but it was a RAW match, not an ECW match. They let Sabu fly on top of a dude and break at least two tables and an announce table and they can't even break out a simple chair in the main event?
But all of this is why they need:
1. Heyman and Dreamer booking/writing
2. A two-hour timeslot (that way you could fit in everybody you actually bring to the show).
3. PPVs for the ECW brand
I feel a little better now because considering I got all excited when RVD and Angle won, I feel they're gonna get better. I wouldn't quote me on that, because I really feel the main thing they need to get better is a two-hour timeslot on another network.
First off this weeks show was 100 times better then last week but for the most sucked. So what does that say.
-Tarot Card Reader-Not bad, good to get the sci fi crap over with
-Sabu/Mamaluke- MMMMM Trinity, Good match didn't squash Mamaluke which was nice, MMMM Trinity, At this point i was real high on things THEN -Jericho's SCI FI original Movie Preview Jesus what the hell was that, Viewers of the sci fi channel must be smarter then the rest of us i saw that preview 5 times and couldn't even begin to tell you what that garbage was but anyway,
-Rvd promo was lackluster, Where is Fonzie, let him cut the promos and have Van Dam behind him pointing to his shoulders reminding himself he is in fact still ROB VAN DAM
-Big Slow/ Dreamer- Poor Dreamer and Taz. Poor Taz for having to say this is what ECW is all about while big show is punching and kicking Dreamer. NO MORE SQUASHES we get big show is big but just b/c your big doesn't mean you have talent
-Macho Libre was funny but if i want funny I'll put on a sitcom, I'm Here for the wrestling. Is it me or did sandman look completely pissed off to be doing this garbage.
-John Cena is God Segment- if everybody in ECW is supposed to hate him why not beat the crap out of him right there. I HATE YOU CENA WE BOO YOU NOT B/C YOUR A HEEL TO ECW BUT B/C YOU SUCK.
-Kelly is HOTTTTT, but if I want to see women I'll watch porn, Wow that guy could have been HAAS' twin
-Main Event- Great Match For Raw But this is ECW where is the Violence what's the difference between Raw & ECW RVD won which mean Test will run in Sunday and cost RVD the Title and start a Feud for the ECW title I have tickets to the Arena on Saturday If they present this Shit to us then us Philly fans will Riot
Bob Newtown Square, PA
Much better than last week's show but then again, I think it would have been hard to deliver a show any worse. There are still a lot of wrinkles that need to be ironed out but there are signs that the McMahons actually paid attention to the feedback from last week.
The only major is that it is still a WWE-run show and will still have Vince McMahon's fingerprints all over it. We all knew that this wasn't going to be like the old ECW but you'd at least think they would have kept a lot more of what made the Old ECW as popular as it was. I believe that it is still possible to have a new ECW but still retaining a lot of the qualities and factors of the old show without it looking like a tribute or nostalgia act.
Anyway, Sabu vs Tony Marmaluke was fun and considerably better than pretty much every match on RAW this week. The dimming of the house lights was a good idea to give the show an intimate feel but the in different crowd failed to help flesh out that atmosphere.
I'm not sure what the Tommy Dreamer/Big Show segment was supposed to achieve unless it was some kind of reverse initiation for Show into ECW. Whichever way you look at it, another (Ex) WWE star got put over again'
I guess Sandman's gimmick is official crappy gimmick killer. We still need ' Enter Sandman' for his entrance though. Vince, if you're not afraid to upset God then why are you so scared of Metallica?
One of the problems that is hindering ECW at the moment was highlighted in that backstage skit with John Cena 'C the fact the 12 men standing with Paul Heyman was the entire ECW roster (sans Big Show)!! This is where bringing up talent from OVW would be a real boon (CM Punk anyone?) And no, brining in Test or Mordecai as a vampire is not the answer either. As for Cena, for me he is to cheesy to carry off the 'lone wolf' tough guy act like Austin could. I know Vince sees Cena as the next Stone Cold (Ha!) but a lot of hardcore fans just don't and it seems even less credible against a well known bunch of rowdies like the ECW mob. I guess we should be lucky New Jack isn't part of the new ECW roster. Can you imagine him backing down to Cena?
I'm not adverse to hot women but is there any point to Kelly's expose? I mean, the WWE does gratuitous sex stuff like this but it does sometimes lead to angle or a crappy 'divas' match.
The main event was a real good match marred by Orton's injury and the apathetic crowd. I actually thought Orton and Edge made a good little team whilst RVD and Angle seemed a little disparate. Unfortunately, this also came off too much like a WE main event because all four men are now recognizable WWE names (despite RVD's ECW heritage). But, moaning aside at nearly 12 minutes long (sans ad breaks) it almost rivaled the total amount of wrestling time of RAW' s 7 matches this week.
The most interesting thing to see are this week's ratings which are guaranteed to be down from last week. I can see why a lot of people may be disappointed by these new shows a they no longer represent an alternative to the WWE as they are run by WWE. I guess all we can do is either pray that Vince McMahon finally 'get's it' and gives us more of the Old ECW back or just grit our teeth and see where this takes us for now.
A small but positive step forward. Hopefully when Vengeance is done with, they can focus on giving ECW their own angles and feuds instead of having to keep up with cross pollinating with RAW.
The second week of ECW on Sci-Fi is slightly better than last week--but last week was so bad that in a way it had no where to go but up. However the fact that it's slightly better, doesn't change the fact that this program still has a LOOONGG way to go to be up to ECW standards.
The program still has too much of a "clean" look--I need something that as soon as I see it will let me know I am in a gritty no nonsense tough atmosphere. The dimming of the lights during the first match and last match was good but it cant compare to the old ECW camera angles as far as creating mood. The crowd was a "little" better this week but nowhere near the manic proportions that an ECW crowd is known for. This program needs to be filmed in a small ECW like venue desperately. The program started out well with a semi decent match Sabu vs. Mamaluke, but just when i thought that we were going to be set for a night of action--the "sports entertainment" feel to the program from last week came back...... Vince doesn't seem to understand that we don't want to see Raw part 2 we want a true alternative. ECW has never been about sports entertainment. As much as I like RVD his promo was very weak, it looked like if he was trying to remember memorized lines or something--Just let him shoot on the mic!! The two squash matches (Big show vs. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman vs. Macho Libre )were horrible. The first because Tommy Dreamer can kick ass and the new ECW makes him look like a jobber. The second squash with Sandman vs Macho Libre was funny but when you only have a 1 hr show there should be no space for garbage like this. The backstage "story" with Heyman, Sabu and Cena was mercifully short.
I have to agree that so far apart from RVD and Sabu no ECW guy is being put over, which is sad. Instead the new program is putting over WWE wrestlers which is ridiculous. Test coming to ECW instead of Trent Acid or CM Punk or some other deserving Indy wrestler is totally wrong and laughable- Test is the furthest thing from extreme. The Kelly strip really angers me--this has the stink of a Raw divas segment all over it and is a royal waste of time. The main event RVD &Angle vs. Test & Orton was somewhat decent and at least was long like old ECW matches used to be.
Final Conclusion: If last week's ECW was a 1 then today's is a 2.5 which is still very far from the 8 or 9 where this program needs to be. I'm willing to give it a few more weeks to see if it gets any better but if the new ECW continues to be "Sports Entertainment", ill stop watching by Mid July.
I liked this week's show as much as last week's. Despite what the majority of the feedback on here has shown. Rome wasn't built in a day, people. I feel it's going to take a little longer to rebuild ECW after a 5-year absence. As far as the matches, my attention never diverted from the Sabu vs. Tony Mamaluke match. Trinity coming down to ringside...MAMA MIA!!! TNA you dropped the ball on her big time.
Ok, who didn't think that Sandman wasn't going to come to beat down Macho Libre? People can bitch and moan that the WWE forced the See No Evil Movie down our throats these past few weeks, but Nacho Libre comes in at a close second. I'll take the Zombie and Macho over a Martian any day.
The Kelly Expose' was really hot! I can see her becoming the next Stacy Keibler with her suggestive dance moves and long legs. So far the "Vixens" could give the "Divas" a real run for the money. The downer was this guy Mike Knox from DSW interrupting the festivities. I hope this isn't going to turn into ECW's answer to Macho Man and Elizabeth because she should shake her moneymaker for us (LOL).
So John Cena stepped back into the ECW Arena to change his Vengeance Match into an "Extreme Lumberjack Match" because he wants an opportunity to swing on somebody...huh? I've always hated Lumberjack Matches and the heels usually dominate these match-ups to begin with. Who would Cena depend on to watch his back this Sunday? Overall, I do agree with the writers on this site that Cena has really grown as a character since ECW entered the picture.
While there are those who despise Randy Orton, I do hope he does have the chance to compete at Vengeance against Kurt Angle. An injury is never good especially before we are able to see this climax take place. The Main Event was pretty entertaining and so surreal to see WWE talent working these matches. However, perhaps things will change after this Sunday and ECW can stand on their own without being inundated with the inter-company crossovers. I understand why it's done, but it has to stop some time down the road so ECW can truly be on its own.
Test is coming to ECW? Being one of the few to admit that I liked Test and this could be nothing but a positive. I also read Gangrel is signed to return as well hence the Vampire angle being shown each week. As far as I'm concerned Super Crazy and Simon Dean should be the last WWE talents to be traded over to ECW and see what happens.


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